Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Captain Spectre page!

Well Loyal Legionnaires, here is another page from 'Solo Flight' - my first comic novella in the works. This page follows the last one posted as I am working thru the story on a linear basis. I am too narrow focused of a person to try and do it any other way. And once again I hope posting this progress isn't going to affect the millions of sales I plan on having.......hahaha. Just joking you 'all.  But you can see one of the bad guys going for a bit of a ride via Captain Spectre airlines, but oops that poor gal seems to be having a bit of trouble in the back of the truck. Maybe it's just a 1939 version of a bad hair day.
As before it takes me quite a while to plan out a page and get it all down. If you notice the pencils are somewhat less refined on this page. I started figuring since I was going to ink them, I didn't need to spend too much time worrying about totally finished pencils. I like doing tight pencils so I am trying to loosen up some on that area to help speed things up a little.

And speaking of speeding things up, I have actually agreed to do a project for a fresh starting company to be published thru Dark Horse Comics....and will have more news as it is released by the company. But I will throw out a tease for now......


  1. Awesome Captain Spectre art! I am wondering, is that a bomb behind the girl, or part of an diabolical lab equipment for a future lab experiment on her? What is going to happen to the villain in the air with Captain Spectre, going to be taken to jail, to fall to his death...Stay tune to the next chapter. I love cliffhangers!

    The teased creature, beautiful art, and scary!
    I want more!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire.

  2. Both panels are amazing, thanks for the share. That's great news on the DH thing, I know you'll knock it outta the park.