Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy weekend.

Here is a quick edition update to the last entry I posted. I knew when I inked the Captain Spectre piece it was going to need color to clear it up I couldn't rest til I saw it with some color on it. So thought I would post it sooner than later.

Also with more and more conventions starting up in the central plains/midwest area and with my new plan of starting to get to more of them and advertise a bit more, make some friends and fans, and actually get some work published ( the number 13 from Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse) and self publishing Captain Spectre...I figured it was time to look into a new banner. As I was looking around I found a place that has those roll up display banner things at a good price. Those things used to be so expensive I couldn't justify them, but now it seems they are cheaper and you can get two for less than just one of them used to be. So I decided to promote two things, my art - myself, and Captain Spectre and Action Science magazine. So here are a couple of designs I churned up.


  1. Awesome color art! My first impression when I saw the colored monster, was, Jack Kirby. It reminds me of some of his work, which I love to see. A great influence.

    I love your choices of your art for the banners, a good range of your works. They should look good at your table, and get some due attention for you and Captain Spectre.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. All the art looks terrific to me, looking forward to the No. 13 story too.