Sunday, November 20, 2011

Number 13 (Monster Men) progress

Well Loyal Legionnaires, I was wanting to post this in a finished state, but it just didn't make the grade yet. But here are the inks progressing. I really have most of it finished, just need to put the jungle, the vines on the adobe walls and fix a couple of areas. Which will have to wait for a few more days. My hand just won't take anymore this weekend. 

Just six months ago, I could have inked this piece in a day. This is close to two days work and looking at another one for the background. I really hate this stuff that is attacking me. It is getting worse all the time.

So anyway that is about it Legionnaires, I am sorry I wanted to post some Captain Spectre stuff, but nothing new has happened. That is nothing new in the art area. Even tho this stuff is slowing down my hands, it hasn't taken over my mind. So I am learning more about writing all the time. Hopefully all this behind the scenes work that I really can't show will improve the stories greatly. I can only hope. It is a complex thing to design and trim a story to get it into a comic. I think short story or novel might be easier. More room to get the points across. The comics have to be lean and mean, trimmed down to get you to want to turn the page.

Anyway, I am off to my big chair to watch a bit of tv and write some more, and rest my arm and hand.....

Swift, Sure and True.....Legionnaires.


  1. Beautiful! A very intense piece.

    With Thanksgiving coming up, I am thankful to know you, and to marvel and to enjoy your art.
    I do really hope you can find help some how.
    I always think of you, and hope for the best, my friend.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. very loyal Legionnaire Lloyd......thank you so much. You will never know how much i appreciate your loyality thru all of this. thank you so very much.

  3. I wondered how you fit a story to a comic--if you sort of outline what you want to say, and do some pictures or thumbnails to match them up and edit as you go. Or do you stick more to a script or prefer to do something more of the old Marvel way of storytelling? Sorry the health problems plague you so much & are draining, sometimes old age ain't all it's cracked up to be.

  4. Well my process is probably under the label of 'visual storyteller'. I come up with some kind of rough outline, or story idea. Usually the moral tale I want to tell along side the more adventure type tale, then try to weave them together. Then I start by designing the pages and panels, and just let that kind of take over. I don't mind something going on too long as I always edit things down several times trying to make things as fast moving as I can. I am terrible at getting sidetracked and always have to rewrite and redo at this stage. When working with others, like a writer I like to work in a more Marvel way as it leaves me room to tell the story visually. Once I rewrite several times and redraw a dozen or so each page takes shape and then I can move on to other pages. I am kind of big on telling the story so sometimes pages, panels, drawings or other things get pushed aside to just tell the story. I just wish I was faster at doing it all so I could get more pages produced. ha.

  5. Thanks, sounds like you employee several methods for what you need to do as well let it take shape in its own organic way; with several edits along the way. ;) It sounds like you would like to have been born on Barsoom, & have another set of arms. ;)