Monday, May 7, 2012

rigor mortis has not set in yet!!!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted an update. Again I hate posting just to update unless I have something good to show off.

So I don't have much, I finally finished inking this page from 'number 13' ....and jeez it is only page 2.  But anyway, enjoy it in all its blackline glory before i slop it up with bad coloring.

Also been working on a special piece for someone out there in the Legion.  Won't say much about it yet as i am still playing around with the design some.  But it is a piece that i plan to do my best on.  I think most fans of sword and sorcery will recognize the cliches in the piece.....girl captive, check.....barbarian, check.....a monster or too, check.....a temple setting, check.....anyway it will be fun to finish up.
Here is a rough layout of it....

Also forgive me if I pump the Avengers movie......jeez I felt like a kid again watching that film.  The director/writer hit all the great things about early Marvel comics that I liked about it..... i won't spoil anything here, just go see this movie, get a big bucket of popcorn and maybe a small coke as you don't want to get up to go pee during this movie as there is no dull parts to miss.  Sure there are things i wish had Cap's what is with that thing, but i got over it.  But, i actually laughed until i had to wipe my eyes at a couple of funny parts.....and probably only funny to old farts like me that enjoyed the feeling of the early comics.....because these are the characters i grew up with, not the grim brooding grim and gritty characters i don't recognize in the comics anymore. Enjoy the movie, Legionnaires. it is fun!!!!


  1. I think I should just invent an acronym for your art and just post it whenever I see it, like: NAAA--nice art as always, or KMSOA for knock my socks off again, which you do, continually.

    Your short review of The Avengers movie got me pumped up to see it. Man, I gotta make an effort to go this week!

  2. Tom, your Number 13 inked page, creepily beautiful! I don't know the story, but, your art..WOW! Now for the crayons, I guess.:)

    BY CROM, you really nailed the looks of a classic Conan story in your art. Looking forward to seeing the finished art!

    I'm thrilled you enjoyed The Avengers. You needed some fun. Joss Whedon knows how to make a fun film, I love his work on Firefly series, and Serenity movie.

    You caught me by surprise, by posting on a Monday, but, you ain't sneaky enough. Take care my friend!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire