Monday, June 11, 2012

just not having much luck.....

Well it seems I am just not breaking on the good side of Lady Luck lately.  Health, Mental and all other things are closing in on me.  Sorry to whine a bit but, that is about the size of it all.

At least I did finish the inks on this Conan piece. I hope thru all of this stuff it is a good piece.  My production rate is almost at a standstill because of all these things. Sorry.


  1. Tom, my Conan art is FANTASTICALLY AWESOME! I am so honored and proud to have this Masterpiece!
    In spite of all your health problems, you still have not lost your edge as a great artist. I hope Lady Luck smiles on you very soon!

    Take Care, my friend.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Thanks again so much Loyal Legionnaire Lloyd.....i have sent you an email for info...thanks.

  3. Hang tough Tom, you wouldn't know you are having any health problem by what you've drawn. Excellent Conan drawing.