Monday, September 3, 2012

the carnival is coming to town...

Well Loyal Legionnaires, once again i am late with a post. Where does the time go.

Anyway progress is being made on the first Captain Spectre print story. I know, I know you have heard all this before. But honestly the die is cast, the outline is in place, and production has started on the story. As before it is an intro story, short and sweet. Done in one, and all that other stuff.  I hope to get alot done on this story over the next few months. I hope.

Anyway without apologizing anymore for my lack of are some working pieces from this weekend.  This opening page was kind like the last one i put up, but the story location has changed and it has changed for the better.  Thanks to a Loyal Legionnaire for a brilliant idea about the carnival for the opening scene.  And she knows who she is, so i want to thank her outright for such a great idea that she is letting me steal. ha.   Also with the carnival, i needed some back story, as i really love carnivals or did when i actually went places.  So of course the fortune teller is part of the story, but then i had fun figuring out the freaks in the freak show.  Like JoJoe the monkey boy. And i also needed to know who the bosses were that ran the carnival.  So enjoy and hope you like these sketches and pencils.

thanks loyal legionnaires.....


  1. Hi, Tom. I swear that I checked for an update, and I found I missed it.

    Awesome art and, Captain Spectre, to boot! I'm thrilled to see more progress on the comic, I can't wait to get it in my hands. The characters are classic carnival, you do have them perfect. I recognize my hero from the back and seeing the Imperial Hot Dog sign is a nice touch.

    Take care, my friend.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

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  3. Loyal Legionnaire Lloyd......i actually think i posted this at an odd time, also again sorry for the lack of updates, but things are so up and down anymore with me. I try to keep at it, just seems it doesn't work out most of the time with everything going on. again sorry. I know the life blood of anything on the web is daily and scheduled updates to keep things going, but i am just not able to do that yet. I sure wish i could and i do appreciate you hanging around the Legion headquarters always eager for news. thanks means alot to me.