Sunday, January 17, 2010

A bad guy you can believe in....

Well, I think I will continue to post updates here at the blog too. That way Loyal Legionnaires can get everything in one click, instead of all that tiresome clicking around on the Internet Hiway.
So today finally after around 100 updates/strips/pages/whatever....we finally get to meet the bad guy. The head bad guy. I tried to make this guy different from all other bad guys. At least his motives and problems. We shall see what you think as it is all revealed in the time to come. Anyway (drum roll, please) the WarMaster!!!


  1. WAR MASTER! I have been waiting for the head bad guy to show his face to us. Pure evil. So it's war he wants! His first mistake is underestimating Captain Spectre. He is about to get short circuited! Legionnaires unite!

  2. I like this guy... I just want to poke a pencil or something into that exposed part of his "brain".

  3. I like that you called him the "head" bad guy. I am curious if his electric brain gives him any advantage to accompany the arrogance that will so clearly be his downfall.

  4. Thanks Legionnaires!....Glad you like him. I think he is a little unique. Maybe shades of a wacked out Nemo or Master of the World type of guy. But I think when you finally figure out what he wants, it will be a bit different than other bad guys.
    Of course you might have to wait a long time to find out.....sorry.

  5. Plans inside of plans inside of plans...

    It's worth the wait.