Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is ruff in the beginning....

Sorry no Captain Spectre update this week. I tried to pump one out, but it just didn't happen. Sometimes as we all know things just don't work out. I do however want to invite you to the process of doing a story. I am posting the thumbnails of the KiGor story that I am drawing for Moonstone. The story is by Martin Powell, my friend and most excellent author. I hope posting the thumbnails doesn't give it away. Ha. I don't imagine anyone can decode these thumbnails. I am sure you have all seen this stage of story development on other blogs from much better artists. But I felt an update was needed, so this was all I had....unless you want to see layouts from a science comic about the flu virus!
I just wanted to post these, to start the process off. I will be starting work on these pages, penciling and inking, shortly. The cliffhanger for Captain Spectre is coming fast, and since after that cliffhanger you readers voted to have me work on a stand alone Captain Spectre book - that is what I am going to do. Of course I will be thinking of the writing of that story as I draw the pages for KiGor. Believe me it all dovetails together.


  1. Better artist...?

    Than you...?

    I'm sorry, that does not compute.

  2. wow, thanks for the compliment....

    or maybe you need to get out more....ha.


  3. I think that is your best art yet!LOL

    I take it that it is like story boarding, you set the pace, then flesh it out?

    No Captain?...(walks away, pouting)

  4. Tom, thanks for posting these blue line roughs. It gives an insight of the formative stages of your art. I was wondering how it differs doing someone else's story from a script as opposed to doing Capt. Spectre.