Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goin' Native....

Well things are moving again. The flow is starting to return at a regular rate. Last night I started working on some natives of KiGor's Africa. Martin and I both want it to be a very primitive and scary place. I think we both thought of Skull Island as an example. I also thought of the great Burroughs novels. Also sometime in the last couple of days TCM showed 'Trader Horn' the original. Well the Harry Carey one anyway. And such great footage was shot for that film it is an artists feast looking at all the different natives. I will probably pull out some of the Weissmuller Tarzan's today too and watch a couple of those again too. Even tho those natives are a bit tamed down, costume wise than the ones in Trader Horn.
I do plan on doing this KiGor strip to the best of my ability. As you can see I am experimenting a bit with thinner body types, I plan on working with age and tribal markings like scaring and all too. Should pull out my copy of 'King Solomon's Mines' too, the Stewart Granger one.
KiGor's jungle will be a dark, scary, primitive, mystical, prehistoric primeval place, I hope. So stay tuned here for KiGor concepts and things also, along with Captain Spectre stuff as I finish up Chapter 4 and move on to the stand alone issue. I was thinking about trying to post things about the stand alone step by step, but I also want it all to be a surprise to the readers and Loyal Legionnaires.
So tell me Loyal readers, would you want a blow by blow account of each strip as I go along, or would you rather be surprised all at once? I will leave it up to you fans.

Oh also, it is kind of tough thinking and drawing Africa when it is still snowing outside. Sure wish it was summer weather right now, sure would help.


  1. Nice sketches, bud. As far as a commentary on ongoing strips, I like the surprise of them. But it might be nice once completed to include an appendix at the end, like Alan Moore did with his From Hell series or a notes end section like Chester Brown did with his Louis Riel, a comic-strip biography. That way it gives you a summation of the strip, and allows you to comment upon the past story. I don't know how that would be for you, but might offer some insight for readers of the series, and provide you some insight as to your own storytelling.

  2. I missed the Trader Horn film which looked cool, to bad it's not on DVD somewhere. I hope TCM re-airs it.
    Those are big air ships in that last installment and nicely designed.

  3. Scary sketches! I am looking forward to KiGor's Africa.

    As for the stand alone Captain Spectre, surprise me. I want that WOW feeling reading it.

    We missed our snow, but lows in the teens and highs in the 30's in Alabama, now that ain't right.

    Take care, my friend!