Sunday, May 16, 2010

On Safari....

Well it has been awhile since the last posting. Sorry I will try to do better and keep you informed. The format of the KiGor widevision story has been cut to six illos, so I only have a couple left to do. Which is a double edged sword. Good part is I only have two more illos to knock out, bad part is there will only be six illos. So as per what has been know as the 'floyd luck' I was working on one of the illos that is going to not appear. ha. Always seems to happen that way .... doesn't it.
So I thought I would at least show some of the work I had done on it. And hey you never know when I will need a pic of Helene dressed in her safari gear. I kind of patterned it after Deborah Kerr's safari gear in King Solomon's Mines.
Again with only doing six illos, that means I will be starting on the KiGor comic sooner, and finishing up Chapter 4 pretty quick too.
Again for taking so long, but with full days at work and all it is just tough to make extra time for all the extra things going on at this moment. So I do apologize for that.


  1. Tom, no big deal, when you have something, show it, it is all treats to me. You work too hard, anyway!

    Very nice shots of Helene. I love seeing her!

    Take care, my friend.

  2. Don't worry, pal. Helene will be returning to her safari outfit sooner than later. None of your wonderful work will be wasted. That's a promise.

  3. Tom, no need to apologize, I'm surprised at what you can get done with all the other stuff on your plate. Good sketch of Helene.