Sunday, June 6, 2010

A What???? A Captain Spectre update.....oh my....

Well Loyal Legionnaires that are tuning into this blog, here is the latest update to the Captain Spectre strip. Chapter 4 is rocketing to a close. Hopefully next week I will have the final installment finished and be able to post it. I have the thumbnails done for it, and although I have tons of other work going Kigor and all, I need to finish this up and get to a stopping point. Well maybe not a stopping point, bad term there for sure, but a cliffhanger point. After all it is all about the cliffhanger, isn't it? And I don't think any of the loyal Legionnaires out there will see what's coming. With a great amount of luck and the creeks don't rise, I will try to have the last part of this chapter posted if not next weekend, then the weekend after for sure.
Anyway it will be tough for me to leave the on line strip alone for awhile. I have promised myself to produce a Captain Spectre comic. I need to really do this, and I do hope all of you understand that. I need another form of the strip to reach out to people. You know it is still strange to me that sometimes at a convention I will try to get people to read the strip. I tell them it is an online strip, and free. And it seems even in this day of technology and all, they just get a blank look. Read comics on the web? How weird, right. And it's free? what a concept.
Anyway I need more power to reach the people that like comics. My schedule just won't let me do alot of things at one time. So with the commitment of KiGor to Moonstone, my day job, and thing just has to set idle for awhile. I think KiGor will help get my name out there, and also the stand alone Captain Spectre comic. Then I can come back to the strip.
It is part of the plan I have to take early retirement, and earn some money from comics to help make the bills as I take that early retirement. That way I can get rid of the biggest headache I have....the dreaded day job!!! I would like to make producing comics my day job. It is part of my plan.


  1. So what happened to Captain Spectre?
    I don't want to wait! OK. I guess I can.

    It is great to get the next strip!

    I'm here, as a Loyal Legionnaire, ready to help the Captain! Always!

  2. Legionnaire Lloyd....
    I promise that in the next installment, again which I hope to have done next week, that you will see what happened to the good Captain. prepared, is all I have to say.....


  3. I have a pretty good feeling as to whats going to happen, but you never know when The Flyod's going to go totally bat shit crazy.
    Looking forward to the next strip!
    Great work as always Tom!

  4. Tom, I want a Captain Spectre comic! I think it's a great idea. I would be happy to pay for it. Sure, I can read the Captain any time for free but, comic 'books' are different. It's something you get to keep, like an old Ace, Burroughs Frazetta cover. It's a hard world and I think the Captain knows we legionnaires want a hard copy!

  5. Nice pulpy cliff hanger, good writing too.