Sunday, August 8, 2010

New KiGor page....

As promised....a peek into all things around here. Here is the second page of the KiGor short. This will serve as the only splash in the strip, since space is very limited in a short story like this even the splash gets two panels. But I do like the short form story telling. I am so tired of those 'big two' giant events that go on and on. I prefer the short formats. At this time mainly since I just don't have time to do long stories. And also the fact that some I have seen and even read some of, just go on with talking head pages and movie dialog in which nothing happens.
Anyway here is the page, finished just moments ago and it is a bit after ten on Sunday. It has been along day for sure. And a hot one ... outside anyway.
Also some of you may know. I am also getting ready to journey to Chicago for the Burroughs Society as a guest of honor....and what an honor it is. I have to prepare a speech, of which I have an idea for. Just have to flesh it out, then trim it down ....cause who the hell wants to hear me drone on about something. ha. But more on that a bit later in the week.
Stay tuned Legionnaires, and Jungle pals....more to come soon.


  1. What a scary looking native, you know scary! Another great looking piece of art. I'm really looking forward to the release of KiGor.

    I'm proud of you for being chosen to be the GUEST OF HONOR, well deserved honor.

  2. OK, first we see a female vampire/lamia/succubus, next it's a flying/levitating African sorcerer/shaman.

    Double trouble for Ki-Gor.

  3. Nice, I like the floating witch doctor, and the curling clouds/smoke. That should be one heck of a short story.