Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Ki-Gor page inked.....

Well, with a day and a half of hard work, here is the page I posted yesterday morning - inked and ready to roll. I hope it still works in this stage. I took extra pains to ink this. I might add that except for the straight lines breaking the panels....It is all brush! No quill was used.
As I posted at the end of the last comments I do appreciate your posting and feedback. I sure hope I am not spoiling the excitement of the story by posting pages. After all it is what I do, is draw....so I just hope it isn't spoiling a purchase. The KiGor back up story will need all the help it can get to keep going. As before Jungle stories are a hard sell to people. I love them, but most people other than pulp fans, don't even care for them. But they are really fun to draw with all the animals and the organic nature of the jungle and backgrounds.
Anyway I just wanted to post this, it has been a long day for sure. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so took a sick day to fix myself mentally by inking the page. But more on the doctor thing later.


  1. Beautiful! It really is so cool to see your work in progress. You don't have to worry about spoiling if for me, I will forget. That is why I do so good keeping secrets.

    Do keep us updated on your Doctor visits.

    P.S. I swear the ape in the lower left side IS swearing at KiGor. LOL

  2. Very smart visual story-telling! It's going to be great fun dialoging this story.

  3. The inks really make this POP. I hope this catches on. I'm excited to read the story.