Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Various things in the production line....

Well, I felt I needed to post a few things that are in the production pipeline.
The Helene sketch is just a hair-do concept. I realized as I started drawing her, I didn't have a good handle on how her hair was to look. You know the basic forms of the hair, as I draw it I block in the major building blocks, and as I started the strip her hair was all over the place. Ha. So I had to figure it out. Seems kind of odd to do something like that, but I am trying to really nail this strip and wanted her to have the same hair from panel to panel.
The other piece is revision of one of the panels on an upcoming page. Just trying different layouts and storytelling forms, and can always use the practice drawing odd angles like the slightly down angle of two guys.
Then a Captain Spectre cover concept done a while back, but just got around to scanning it the other day. See I am working toward the day when a Captain Spectre comic is a real thing.
Also I had mentioned the doctor visits lately, well one of my slight fears has come true. Seems I having these pains in my hand and arm when I drew too long or worked too hard. Well seems I have rheumatoid arthritis. I am working with the doctor to take some of the pain away so I can sleep and draw more. I am taking a few things, that they are trying on me. So we shall see. The steroids he is giving me in burst form seem to be helping knock the pains down a bit. So when I mention the hand being tired or sore you Loyal Legionnaires and Jungle pals will know what I am talking about. So forgive me if sometimes my production slows down a bit. thanks.


  1. Tom, Helene looks beautiful! The second one make me want to read the book, NOW! The Captain Spectre is such a classic shot, and beautifully done.

    Tom, I am shocked to hear that you have rheumatoid arthritis. I hope you can get the relief you need, my friend. I know how cruel arthritis can be.

    P.S. I will take the art as my Birthday present today. 52!

  2. Great stuff Tom!!! Love your artwork!

  3. Those are great sketches, I enjoyed the angle on the hunters standing over Helene, and Capt. never looked better. As far as the doctor visit, at least you are doing the right thing, finding out what's wrong, and getting some advice to fix it. Hope you get some relief.

  4. Beautiful stuff, as always, my friend. That sketch of Helene in repose belongs in our story somewhere. If it not appropriate in this issue, then I'll purposely work it into the next. I want folks to see her!

    As for your hand, please take care of yourself. We all want you to be drawing for a long, long time.


  5. Thanks everyone...you guys sure do keep me working. I do appreciate the understanding. Thanks to everyone of you who look in and enjoy what art I can produce. One of these days I will be retired, or laid off from the day job, and then look out. ha.

  6. always nice to see female characters who look like real, if beautiful women. Hope you are doing better, Tom.


  7. Love the Helene pictures.

    Tom, I hope you are you doing alright. You haven't posted in a while.