Monday, September 27, 2010

Moving the speed of a snail....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.... I have been trying to reclaim my mind. Lately I have had trouble with focus and just plain old fatigue of the body and brain. So during my working vacation I have been trying to get back into the groove. Of course this medical thing seems to flair up from time to time more frequently, and that sure doesn't help. But as you can see the working vacation wasn't a totally unproductive one.
Among the many things I have tried to accomplish, is working on the script to the first issue of Captain Spectre. To help my mind get into the character again and try and come up with a good story I worked on one of the cover concepts I have kicking around for the first issue. The title is just a place holder for now. I don't want to give anything away just yet. Also working on KiGor was a priority, so another page of layouts, and a large battle page to tempt everyone into buying the story when we get it done.
I also have to content with going back to the day job. Which I have been really hating lately. But I do have to wrap my mind around going back with the focus of getting some work done there. I have a couple of large projects on the desk and they do need my attention. I just have to get back into keeping the day job and the night job separate. It has always been tough for me to do. But I really have to do it this time. And not get emotionally involved in the day job. Just do the work, and don't worry about it. I know that sounds kind of like I am giving up, and in a sense I am. First you must understand the job. Everything is done by committee now. I, as a designer, don't really design anything. Oh, maybe the first time around I do, but with all the changes and opinions that get thrown at a project...they never end up looking like I think they ought too. So anymore I just push the pixels around til someone in charge likes it. This used to really bother me. For years, I tried fighting for what I thought and believed in. Well no more. I am tired of giving up good ideas, and they never get used. Good designs that get totally changed. With a planned early retirement four or five years away, I just can't see worrying about it all anymore. I know with that statement my parents are probably spinning in their graves. But, the fight is all gone. I will gladly do what I am told, no matter how stupid I think it is. They are the bosses, and I just the pixel monkey.
So I hope letting go of all that helps me produce more work at night and on the weekends. All I can do is forge ahead.


  1. Hi Tom,

    The battle scene is intriguing. I am really liking Helene.

    And the Captain Spectre cover...Wow!

    Nice to see you are back. I sometimes think there is nothing more soul draining than decision by committee.

    I think you have to find a middle ground. One phrase that is sometimes over used, but has a kernel of truth: “is this the hill you want to die on?” In a work environment we can’t always make a difference or change a decision. But the attempt to do so uses up a certain stock of reputation capital that we accumulate over time. It is wise to consider what we spend that capital on and to spend it wisely.

  2. Nice sketches, and in that bottom panel it looks like Helene is giving that native the what for...

    Yeah, I'd agree with what Socrates is saying, work is work. I don't think the majority of people enjoy their jobs, those that do are lucky. I think most folks just do it for that pay check (I know, I hated my job as well, but that's not saying I didn't appreciate it, I was grateful for it.) I wouldn't say you are giving up, but why battle with it? Go with the flow, and go home and you can put your true imagination and creativity into your own art.

  3. Tom, it is so great to see the Captain again, and in action, the cover is awesome!

    The KiGor panels are awesome,also. The last one, what a battle, I want more.

    I'm not good on advice on jobs, I gave more than I should have, and ended up kicked out in the street, and now messed up body, can't work and poor. Just bide your time until you retire, then we will really put you to work on Captain Spectre. LOL