Saturday, October 2, 2010

Looking forward to a productive and enjoyable weekend....

Well, as most of you Loyal Legionnaires, and Jungle Pals know....I always have several things going at one time....probably one of my more self-annoying habits. I seem to always have big plans and projects eating away at the back of my brain. Some of those projects have included collecting sound effects for a internet radio show of Captain Spectre to post on the site, another is what would the Captain Spectre serial look like, and yet another would be a Fleisher like studio cartoon adventure series of Captain Spectre.
Some nights when I get home after a long day at the job there just isn't enough time to get my mind focused on writing or doing something really detailed and small - like panels on a comic I always have something big and mindless to work on so I can say I did something.
Anything to move things forward.
Friday night was one of those nights. Good Hammer vampire movies on TCM, and the dog was acting up after being alone all day, also some domestic chores to check up I inked a few lines between all that and finished this drawing that has been around for months.
Captain Spectre ala Republic pictures serial.
Ha, it could be a fun serial for enjoy all you Legionnaires and enjoy your weekend. I plan to get some work done. Since the yard doesn't need a weekly mowing because of the cooling temps.
Now I need to make a lobby card out of this image.....see more stuff to do. sigh.


  1. A beautiful piece! It does captures the Serials of old, that I enjoy so much. It brings up images of Commando Cody, one of my favorites.

    I hope you can do some of the ideas you have talked about, like the cartoon or radio show, it would be so great to see or hear my hero in action. I'm getting excited thinking of them!

    Tom, you too, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Nice lobby card! Seems as though you're brainstorming the ideas. An internet radio show would be neat, among some of the other ideas.

    Ha, I watched some of those Hammer vampire movies too. They'll be showing some of their mummy and Frankenstein movies too, and the SF, X the Unknown.