Sunday, October 3, 2010

Progress on all fronts.....

Well, not gonna let you see the whole KiGor page yet, as it isn't quite done. But just thought I would show this page....after all I do want people to buy the book it is going to be in. ha. Anyway just wanted to mention once again....all brush work on this story so far. And this panel is only four and half inches by seven and a half. I am not much good at drawing small anymore....hence the photoshop comps I have shown here. But I still need to ink the figures no matter how small they come out in the comps. It was a tough one with my slowly failing eyesight...ha.

Also like a dog with a bone. I couldn't resist putting in a couple of hours finishing off the Captain Spectre serial Lobby card. Some things just have to be done, as all creative people understand. I kept thinking about this piece and that was bothering me. So to free up my mind I just had to finish up a version of it. Not by all means a final, but I kind of liked it, so will keep this as a version anyway. Also I included some names for the stars. Thought about the casting of the characters and came up with this selection. Let me know what you think.
I hope everyone had a good weekend. I think my was good. Of course always too short, but I did get some much needed work done on KiGor. And the serial card is going to be used in issue one, so actually that was work on the first issue, a bit. I will try in the next week or so to post the serial card as a .pdf on the site so people can download and print one if they like. OK.
Well back to the old salt mines tomorrow.....or maybe it should be the radium mines as in Flash Gordon......I like that better.


  1. Fantastic Captain Spectre Lobby Card!
    Very good choices of actors and actress. I hope you do a set..hint, hint.

    Another action packed KiGor art piece, I have got to get this, when it comes out.

    I sent a message to Flash,Dale and Dr.Zarkov to rescue you from the Radium Mines.

    This is why I like to hang out with you, my friend, you are so COOL!

  2. Wow! I thought the inked drawing was great, but then I saw the full color lobby card. Amazing. Why can't I see that in the theater instead of...well take your pick.

    Absolutely fabulous Tom. I definitely want one.

    Hey guyes, my best friend made a Flash Gordon-style special effects rocket ship for a Boulder Shootout short film he made (smoke and everything). Maybe we can use that to rescue Tom from the radium mines.

  3. Wow that lobby card looks like the real deal! Great work. I'm not too familiar with those actors, I'll have to try and find some movies they starred in (though their names sound familiar). Kigor is coming along, it will be nice to read the actual comic.