Saturday, October 23, 2010

The word is SLUMP....

We all get them, whether you call them the Blues, a Slump, Creative Void, The give a shits, whatever you want to call them we all get them.
Well I guess the reason I have been a bit lazy in my posting is I have dealing with a case of it all right now. I know this may seem like a broken record to regular readers, but it happens more often than people like to admit. The piece above I had had pencilled awhile back, just never got around to inking it. Well it seems I can even ink fairly well when in a depression or slump. Since it is more of a mechanical process for me. I guess what I need to do is have a backlog of pencilled pieces around for these times. Which by the way, I have even noticed are coming more often, or time is flying by faster in my later years. I think it is some of both of those reasons. Also so many other factors are in play right now too, the same old stuff really, the day job, the shorter daylight hours (ever since I totaled my truck hitting that deer last november, I have been a bit gun-shy about driving at night.), my arthritis, a few personal things, and as always that no money in the bank thing. Nothing out of the ordinary as most people have problems and deal with them. Just sometimes it all piles up and seems to heap onto you all at once.
Again not whining or making excuses, just letting you all know what is happening. It will pass. Just takes a big jolt. An idea would help to get my mind excited again about anything. Oh, sure I want to get beyond the half way mark of the KiGor story, finish the second half of the Captain Spectre script, and do a hundred other things laying around. I just have to find the fire again.

On the other hand, I think that piece above of Cap rocketing off the rooftop will probably be the cover drawing to the first issue of Captain Spectre. So I guess some work gets done even in the throws of the slump.

Hang with me, it will be over soon....I promise.


  1. Tom, no complaints from me. When you can do whatever, it will get done. It seems that when you get plans going, a wrench appears, why? Maybe it is a call to slow down. Sometimes I wonder how you do it, with all that you are trying to do, all at once.

    That is an awesome Captain Spectre action cover! WOW! Is all I can say!

    Hang in there my friend! It will get back up to speed for you, it always happens.

  2. Terrific! You detailed all that out so well, oddly I do look at buildings and those are rendered very well, no less the Capt. rocketing off that rooftop. I was in Walmart the other day and saw one one of those deer whistle thing-a-ma-bobs you put on your car to alert deers, you might check to see it they have them up there in the sporting goods dept. I thought of your mishap when I saw it.

    Something will come along to jump start you again, writer's get writer's block, and the rest of us get the blues I guess from time to time. I ran into a guy around here that works at a used vinyl record store who turned me onto a pretty cool 60's internet radio station. They really play some cool music, stuff you've heard of like the Beatles, Steve Miller Band & others, to a lot of obscure unknown bands from the time. Check it out, it might lift some of those blues: