Sunday, October 10, 2010

chipping away at it all....

Again, just a typical weekend. I am chipping away at all projects on all fronts it seems. Here is page 5 of the KiGor story. Man, this one took awhile. It was a real challenge for sure. I especially had fun designing and inking the 'batman' shaman. I had been watching a lot of jungle adventure movies lately, or should I say as always, since I like jungle stories. And thought about the scarification stuff alot. So why wouldn't a shaman or witchdoctor use it like this, to add things to his body to make him seem more like a totem animal or something. Just a thought. Anyway it also gives the audience a view of what is to come in KiGors Africa. The 'dino' again is like the great old movie dinos of the 50's and 60's which were just big lizards with plates and stuff glued onto them. I loved those faux-dinos alot.

I also got interviewed by the All Pulp site. So here is a link to that if you care to read any of my rantings and ravings on the questions they posed for me. So click to read.

Also if you need a print of the Captain Spectre Serial Lobby card from the previous post just click to download it and print it out. It is 11 x 17 so you can print it full size if you like, or if you can't just tell your printer to size it down some. If you need me to size it down, just ask and I can do that and post it at a later time. Just say the word Legionnaires.


  1. Another awesome page! What happens next? Oh. I got to wait.

    That is a very nice interview of you. As I learn more of your life, I think you are an amazing person, and I am thrilled to know you.

    As for the lobby card, I plan to print mine as a 8 x 10 mini. I will look good, framed.


  2. I'm always surprised at how the art pops once it's inked. Nice interview too, enjoyed the picture of Kala and infant Tarzan, and the others too.

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  4. You know, those faux-dinosaurs never looked as cool in the movies as they do when you draw them. I'm glad we decided on these rather than true prehistorical creatures.

    I may have to develop a whole future KI-GOR story centered on these giant frilled lizards.

    What do you think?