Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lightning Legion progress on all fronts!

There can be alot said with the title of a comic book story, I think. Sometimes as a kid just seeing a certain cadence of words on a comic cover got me to buy it. Because when we are kids, at least my experience was that I didn't have enough money to buy all the comics I would have wanted. The titles would attract me to certain books....especially in the silver age.....Challengers of the Unknown, Journey into Mystery, Tales of Suspense, The War that Time Forgot and on and on. Books had great titles back then. Then there were the great story titles too.  So up at dawn, actually before dawn, and I started thinking of how many stories I have been working on. They are all in various stages of development and they all needed a title treatment. See if you Loyal Legionnaires can figure out the stories just from the titles. Of course 'Solo Flight' is the first Captain Spectre story.

Then some great news to share. And again let me say what a world it is with the internet. I had been following this blog for awhile;  PackRat Studios. So I shot him, Jonathan, an email since he had posted he was doing commissions......and lo and behold look what has happened!!!! How cool is this Legionnaires!

Also I have been thinking about my childhood alot lately. For better or worse I remember the best times of it and consider my childhood a pretty good one. We didn't have much spare change laying around but things were good. I used to save up my money for comics, paperbacks, and going to the movies.  Summers were filled with coming to Nebraska to stay at my grandparents house, the Rexall Drug store's comic spinner rack, black cherry soda, the town's swimming pool, ballgames and going to the movies. Of course there was that habit of trying to learn to draw, also.
So I guess with all of this I am still trying to talk myself into traveling to see the Captain America movie. As you all know I have a huge fan of the character. For a time I collected anything and everything with Captain America on it. I have Cap gumball machines, soap mits, cards, models, figures, toys, pencil boxes, and of course the comics. So the movie is getting some good reviews. So I am still trying to convince myself to drive over to Beatrice, one of the theaters close to me, and the town I was actually born in..... to feel like a kid again and catch the saturday matinee of Captain America.

I never had it as lucky as this kid......but in spirit I was probably a bigger fan. ha.


  1. For me, the cover art is what got my interest when I bought them, so the titles you show draws a blank as to the story, sorry. I guess I need to turn in my Membership Card. LOL

    The figure is way too cool! On the shelves by Christmas?

    You are a Captain America fan, I'm Conan the Barbarian. You are probably like me, wanting to see our hero's movies, but, nervous that we might not like it. In August Conan comes to the big screen, again. I hope you enjoy Cap's movie, and so, good luck!

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Hey there Tom!

    Remember a few months ago I commented on a post about the Captain America movie and asked you not to judge it on a short trailer and rumours alone? Well, now I've seen it, so here's my (very) brief spoiler-free thoughts on it.

    I loved it, but it would have been hard for me not to. I'm a huge fan of the Marvel Studios movies so far. I loved Thor, despite the story bringing him down to earth as a mortal, which I know you had issue with.

    Captain America is filled with classic pulp action from start to finish. Some of the sets look like they were lifted from Flash Gordon, but prettied up a bit for the hi-def generation! The acting was solid, and while Chris Evens did a great job, Tommy Lee Jones and Hugo Weaving stole the show. My one biggest disappointment at the end of the movie was that I can't see any way for TLJ's character to return. Pity, as he was incredible to watch, and got some of the movies best lines.

    In regard to some of the issues you brought up back in January:

    Nazis both get mentioned, and appear, and they're not shy about Hitler himself either. Early rumors I heard was were that Hydra replaced Nazis as the baddies in "Marvel Studios Rewritten History", but in the end, they are the science division and Hitler and his forces are still a clear and present danger to all.

    The costume is still clearly based on the Ultimate designs, but there are some surprises that I think you might like. That said, I really like what they did with the costume, as well as the reasons he has for wearing it. More importantly, I love the respect I feel they paid to the shield.

    Finally, I know that you had a problem with the idea that Steve and Bucky were friends because they were both orphans, but that never made it into the final movie, or at least, not for Bucky. Steve is an orphan, but not from a young age. Both his parents apparently died helping others, his father in battle, his mother in a hospital. I think this allows them to remain a strong influence in who Steve is. Basically, yes, he is an orphan in that both parents are dead, but they still made him the man he is today, moreso because they died protecting others.

    I do hope you go see the movie. I'm not saying you'll love it, but it is ever so filled with pulp-action goodness. It's a rip roaring adventure.

    Just don't watch it in 3D.

  3. Legionnaire Lloyd,
    I know exactly what you mean about seeing our heroes on the screen. It is a tough go sometimes. I too am a huge fan of the original REH conan stories. And actually I think you will have a tougher go at it with Conan than I had with Captain America. I just don't think they will ever get Conan right, in my eyes, so I never go see those. I wait til they are on tv and check them out for free to see how wrong they got them. Super Heroes have a tough time with reboots and remakes getting past the origin part of the story. But god forbid I sit thru another 'you killed my parents you evil wizard, I am going to kill you' story. So good luck with Conan, I will surely pass on this new one, but maybe something good will come of it. The Arnold one had great music but nothing else.

    Legionnaire Denis.....I am here to eat my hat! I enjoyed most of the movie, and the damned costume was even growing on me. And, still eating my hat and it doesn't taste good, I agree on almost all parts with you. I actually thought alot of people were stealing the show. So it would be hard to make a list for me. Erskine, Phillips, and all the characters, but on one point, and again this is just my ten year old mind hearing it, I didn't think the Skull's voice was right. But as I said I am eating my hat and will make a review blog post with hat in hand very soon........chew chew chew.....ha.

  4. I need to make it down to the cinema to see the Capt movie. That model is way cool, I can see how that excited you. I think when I was a kid I, like Lloyd, I was won over more by the cover art. I still like looking at that. Check this web site: