Monday, July 4, 2011

Science comic.

Well this update will be short and not very sweet. At least not sweet to me. You see in receiving a salary, sometimes when the deadline falls you must obey! So this weekend I am putting the finishing touches on this science comic for work. Big Sigh! I should be doing another commission that I have to go, and working on some stuff for the upcoming Number 13, and most of all working on Captain Spectre!
But alas, I am here working on the last two panels of this science comic. I know there will be a couple more additions and changes so not going to get too worked up.
One thing to notice here is the richer colors of these pages. They are for digital release and not for print. So I thought richer colors would be better. Also these are just dark pencils and not inks. The powers that be discovered Arkham Asylum and wanted something like that.
I should also mow today as it has been awhile. So if it doesn't rain later today then that will be on the daily plan.

Sorry for the odd update. Hopefully this will be the last time for stuff like this.


  1. Tom, great art! The second and third page, are downright freaky and scary, with the dissolving guys. Cute dog on the first. I for one, like to see your art, any kind.

    Once again the Committee is at it. Alas, when you need a check...

    Mowing? You need some goats or sheep. Then again, you don't need more work. LOL

    Take care,
    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  2. Yes, it was still fun seeing something. I liked the SF angle of the story.