Monday, July 18, 2011

Solo Flight progress

Well, Loyal Legionnaires, I have been down and out for some days with my medical problems, and pretty much confined to the house because of the heat wave here. But even being confined to the recliner with my swollen feet and all I have managed to finish some layouts or thumbnails for upcoming pages of 'solo flight'.

As you can see a bit on this page I wanted to keep the good Captain still somewhat mysterious to the police, so I only show him in pieces and bits, or from the back or in long shots. I am also planning on adding the advent of sound effects in this story. I don't know if anyone noticed but in the close to 100 pages or strips on the site there have not been any on screen sound effects. I am not very good at making up good sound effects or even using them. I feel sometimes they are overused in comics or underused. But I do plan to use them in 'solo flight' along with the thought balloon.  Something I feel is missing in comics are the actual interworkings of the character. I find anymore in new comics they try to let the art tell all. Well it just can't do it all. I look at some comics and don't feel a connection to the character shown, or sometimes the art doesn't 'cut it' and I just don't know what is happening, or more precisely just what the hell I am supposed to get out of it. Maybe it is my age, maybe I am trying to get too much out of it, or maybe I am trying to make it too complex, but I just don't get it. I have always been the kind of guy that if I don't like a books art I don't buy it. Especially now a days with the high prices. But the words and connection to the characters have to be there too. I see so many comics now that have pages of six or seven panels that have a character doing something and maybe only one word balloon on it. I see alot of wasted storytelling time. I know some of the major companies have banned the evil thought balloon, but I think something is missing.
Also there is the 'new' reader problem. I want to get my books into hands of people that don't read comics on a normal basis. And I see and hear of so many adults that don't know how to read a comic. The thought blocks are confusing to people, they don't know who is talking, and I want my book clear and too the point and easy for lapsed readers or new readers to get into, just as much as I do regular comic readers. So get ready for sound effects and thought balloons in 'solo flight' when it gets finished.


  1. Neat layout page or thumbnail, thanks for showing, I like this type thing. Golly, you said a lot about modern comics. I agree, I miss the letters pages too, but I think the cost is the more ridicule part, and I don't know how they'd fix that unless they went back to pulp paper, I guess it's just inflation, but I don't see how anyone buys them these days. I generally just pick up used graphic novels. I like the thought balloons, and sound effects too.

  2. Tom, at first seeing the page, I though, "storyboard". I thought you were getting ready for that Serial you wanted to make! I like the way you frame the story, even in rough form, it is still powerful.

    Sound effects and though balloons? At first thinking, I was hesitant, then reading your reasons and it makes sense. Just don't go with the 60's Batman TV style sound effects.:)

    I have seen comics with no dialog, sound effects, or word balloons that were very powerful stories, but, rarely.

    I agree with your way of thinking on Solo Flight, it will make it a real standout Captain Spectre comic, as it should be.

    Lloyd, Loyal Legionnaire

  3. Legionnaires all.....yea I sure can't afford to pick up random comics like I used too, because of the higher prices unless everything clicks from the story to the art to the dialog.
    Oh and Lloyd don't worry the only reason for the added sound effects is because there are some very big events in the story that I think might need them. And nothing like the old batman show which had them all over the place. I am very sigh about using them anyway.

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