Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Drink and Draw!

Warning to all aspiring artists, Don't Drink and Draw.... don't let cocktail hour get out of of hand because this is the results. Loose drawings! Tonight the arthritis in my hand and arm was acting up. The pain was throbbing, but I felt like I needed to work on something. A flight suit for 'Jack' - Jacqueline O'brian from the stand alone comic. I have never felt that I anchored her in the real world of the strip. I want her to be a strong female lead in the strip she appears in. So I patterned her after the strong female leads of the 30's films, like Ann Sheridan. But again this is a lesson in letting the Caniff cocktail hour getting out of hand. From what I read Milton Caniff had a passion for cocktail hour, but it seems I don't know when to stop when the pain in my hand and arm increase. Oh getting old sucks is all I can say. So the result is a very loose inked drawing of a flight suit of 'Jack's'. So I guess this sketch blog is about the good and the consider this the bottom of the barrel, or bottom of the bottle if you will.
Please excuse me .... the pain is so bad sometimes I just can't stand it, but I still have work to do to make headway. So just a warning to young artists. Control is a good thing, Lack of control is a bad thing.


  1. She looks so fine to me. I never think anything you do looks less than great, but I can't help it, I'm a fan of yours!

    I'm lucky my arthritis is not in my hands, but I know the pain...oh the pain!

  2. I am right there with you Legionnaire Lloyd. And the doctors never seem to care enough to give you pain medicine....hell I figure I am 57 if I want to be addicted to pain meds, who cares at this point.

  3. I am not an authority with regard to drawing, but, I do regard myself as a self-taught authority on the cocktail hour. While you may have screwed up the drinking, I must say I don't find the drawing the abomination that you do. In fact, I rather like it.
    Of all the things one could do after a cocktail hour gone wild, drawing seems fairly benign.

    I am so sorry about the pain.

  4. Sorry you're hurting, pal. However, this sketch of Jack is aces! I love it!

  5. Heh. Had to add this. I just emailed the pic to Lisa at work.

    Her response:

    "M -
    What doesn't he like --- I think it's cool...

    So, there you are.

  6. She looks good to me too, and if you call the inking/drawing loose, I see that a bit. I only wish I could draw that well sober! I think it turned out very good.

    Doctors expect you to buy your pain meds on the street like everyone else :) just kidding (well sort of). But sorry you feel bad, that's the down side to aging.
    I used to get a bunch of migraine headaches that would last all day (and still do from time to time) & about every doctor I went to acted like there was nothing they could do & send me home without a single prescription, little advice, or anything.