Friday, September 4, 2009

I kind of feel like a new age Milton Caniff...

As I read more of Milton Caniff's life, I of course learn that he worked as an illustrator for the press. Back in those days not all stories received the luxury of a camera. So editors used to get ahold of the art dept. which at the time contained artists!! What a concept. Anyway they used to come up with art for fires, trials, and of course the eventual filler space in the newspapers.
'Milton started this way' was all I kept saying in my mind as I sit on those church pew type very un-ergonomic govt. benches at the back of the courtroom.
Even though I can't discuss any of the trial I thought I would post a couple of the sketches just to give you a taste. I have been zapping out four or five of these a day so of course the quality isn't great.
Sometimes I even have to lay one out, and put it aside til the people get back into almost the positions they were in. And of course from the back people aren't very interesting, and I see alot of backs of heads. You may not think this is much of a problem but on any given day there are at least four guys in the room with shaved must be some kind of tribal law thing going on now a days.


  1. Fascinating stuff, Tom. (Even if you don't think so, yourself.)

    And I think the quality of your work is excellent.

  2. Tom, I feel like I am in the court room seeing your art, and I have been in a few in my time.

    I hope the glare from the heads don't bother you too much!