Sunday, August 30, 2009

Myrna Loy Pastel Drawing

Well you may question why I did this. I do have a reason why I am spending a little time doing a pastel drawing of the great actress Myrna Loy. Well the reason is - Monday morning I am headed to the Federal courthouse in Omaha to do the courtroom sketches for a trial. The station is sending a camera crew also but they aren't allowed in the courtroom. So it up to me to document the trial for the show we are working on about it. (More on that show later.)
So as kind of a warm up, try out or something I figure I should test the waters. It has been awhile since I have tried anything like this courtroom drawing. I did it a couple of times before but that has been years and years.
Also I wanted a bit different look for the sketches. Most of courtroom sketches seem to be full blown pastel type drawings. The show this is a part of is the 'Murder House' show I did a couple of years ago. It had a 50's horror comic look, and the second show 'Profiler' is taking a more 60's Suspense Theater look, so I wanted the courtroom drawings to have a more hard line look to them. Also it helps with my speed to have a solid line down to color inside the lines. Ha. I never was much good with color alone. So with the sharpie lines I get a more graphic look.
At least I hope it all works out like that. I have to do 3 a day and have them done by 3PM so they can get on the 5 o'clock news in Omaha.
Anyway I tried to capture a bit of Myrna Loy's look. I don't think her forehead was the right height, but I do think it looks a bit like her. Probably good enough for courtroom sketching.


  1. She's beautiful, pal!

    I think you've rendered quite a lovely likeness of one of my favorite actresses (she was Dillinger's fave, too, y'know).

    Best of luck with the trial illustrations. That does sound like a tough gig, but an interesting one, too.

    Hope you'll be able to post the drawings. I'd love to see them!

  2. I agree, she is beautiful!

    A tough assignment, but you are the man for it. Good luck,my friend.

    P.S. Don't forget your Daily Planet Press card.

  3. Thanks guys, well headed out the door again....I do have my press card, and pencils, and ready for the cavity search yet again today.....sheesh.

  4. What's to question?

    It's Myrna Loy, 'nuff said.