Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some days it ain't all rocketpacks and heroes!

Ha, thought I would post some progress on a side scrolling game based on the Marine Virus comic that Martin Powell wrote and Brent Schoonover is drawing. The game is being produced at the university here, and of course I got trapped into doing the animations for the game characters. The game takes a left turn from the idea in the comic, but anyway here is the little native american girl that will be running around in the game. She is supposed to be in bed reading the virus comic as the game starts. Most of the game characters for this type of game seemed squat and cutesy. So that is the route I went with. Hence the bunny suit PJ's. She isn't cute enough yet for me, so I have to work on that. But at least the powers that be went for the idea. So the never ending battle continues as I go forward with the animations. I will post them here when I get to them. And other character designs.


  1. I thought this might have been a sketch of a granddaughter or son, ha. I don't know much about gaming, but I'm sure it will attract kiddos.

  2. I think she's pretty dang cute as she is, Tom. So...will I be writing dialog for her, too?

  3. Tom, I will mount a rescue party to get you out of your trap! Oh! Not that kind.....never mind.

    Yep, she is cute. Have fun!