Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yet another slap in the face....

BRIAN AZZARELLO: “Fan” might be a strong word but I was definitely aware of him. I read a lot of books when I was younger. If [DC] wanted Doc Savage straight ahead Doc Savage, I probably wouldn’t be involved but the way that we’re doing it, I’m pretty excited about it.

Will readers need prior knowledge of Doc Savage heading into the one-shot or the series?

What. Do you think I want 10 guys reading this?

Ten guys in their seventies.

Those 10 guys in their seventies are going to be the guys who get pissed off. “He obviously doesn’t understand Doc Savage. That’s not my Doc Savage” That’s exactly what I want them to say.


Well I guess I will be one of the ten guys pissed off.....thanks to Azzarello and DC comics for 're-imagining' a timeless character.
But actually I think there are more than 10 guys who should be pissed off....after all I think the new Doc Savage reprints probably sell a few more than 10 copies, or else they wouldn't be reprinting them.

I sure hope this 'new' Doc fails and leaves Azzarello holding his bag!



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  2. This interview steamed me, too, especially as the Man of Bronze is probably my favorite fictional character. It's fairly obvious that the only reason DC licensed Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger was so they could have the comics rights once the new movies are made (if ever).

    I think it's safe to say that this fake Doc will fail, for the same reason most all of the other comics have.

    Namely, they didn't present the "real" Doc Savage to his already present fan base either. If a publisher isn't aiming an expensive licensed character at its already-loyal fans and the existing long-time readers, then why else even bother? The publishing industry is risky enough as it is.

    None of this bothers me much, though. Doc, Monk, Ham, Renny, Johnny, Long Tom, and Pat are still unchanged, still safe and sound, still as great as ever, right here on my shelves.

    No worries here.

  3. Why mess with an icon? Because they are desperate to get new readers, and Doc Savage is so well know. Look at the...throwing up..Star Trek movie. It served not purpose, except to get new fans...I mean customers...for CBS/Paramount. If the...10?....fan will not buy it, even out of curiosity, then maybe it will go away.

  4. I have a real problem with the current trend of reinventing well established fictional characters.

    It seems to me that once an author has taken the pains to create a character, an environment,and a passion a passion, well then, he owns it.

    Perhaps the most disturbing statement is "Fan might be a strong word but I was definitely aware of him."

    If you're not a fan,then create your own damn character. As far as I am concerned, Azzarello is the literary equivalent of a chihuahu
    pissing on a German Shepard's hydrant. Just because you piss on something, it doesn't make it yours.

    So the good news is I don't have to read it. That's my option and I will excersize it.

  5. Thanks to Martin, Lloyd and Mousie for backing me up on these ideas...Sometimes I feel all alone and finding like thinkers is a great boost. Makes me stand my ground that much stronger. Thanks all.