Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More storm...but the yard rabbits survived!

More pics from around the house after the sudden storm. Also before I spent six hours moving branches, most of these are moved, cleaned up or whatever you want to call it.


  1. The rabbit is really an agent of evil, checking on the damage.
    Once again the forces of good triumphs over the forces of nature and evil.

    These summer storms really can surprise us, but I am still glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

  2. Holy moley!

    Was it a tornado? You didn't see any green-skinned hags straddling broomsticks or flying monkey, did you?


  3. It was close to being a tornado for sure. But I don't think it was classified as one. It was a doozy for sure.
    I will be picking up sticks for a year!!! My aching back.

    Lloyd, you might be right, those bunnies pulled out the experimental weather machine to get the humans off their property!! egad, it might be a plot!

  4. Could be killer bunnies like in Python. Beware. Boy, living in West Texas I enjoy the rain, just not high winds, hail, etc. Looked like some of those trees were oak, so I guess firewood for winter. As far as Odessa, we got a good week of rain, and now are up to our average rainfall already, the yard never looked better ;)

    Strike like Lighening, just don't hit trees, people, etc.

  5. Well some people are immune from getting struck by Lightning!!

    Actually going to be a big bonfire this winter time with all these limbs, and an old brood house on the property.