Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I couldn't resist...a sneek preview.

What is this you Loyal Legionnaires might be asking!!?? Captain Spectre in color? What is wrong with the world, it must be the end of days as predicted.
Well don't worry Legionnaires, it is a little sneek preview. Last weekend I was working and thought to myself--well why not?!
The strip is an experiment, so format changes, switches from color to black and white, switches back and all things should be considered. Plus when you get pissed off at the world, your characters tend to get pissed off at the world. So maybe Captain Spectre is in a form me. Things I wish I could do, I can through the good Captain.
Sometimes I or my mind just screams to be left alone so I can work on my strip. So when things at work turn to shit. When freelance jobs are ridiculous beyond all means of reason, when your personal life is turned to crap -- what happens at the Lightning Legion Secret Headquarters you might ask. Well Legionnaires work gets done!!! When you get pissed off pick up a pencil and draw! That is what I try to do.
Captain Spectre is an extension of a personal dream...a childhood dream to create comics. I once wanted nothing in my life but to grow up and create comics. I actually thought once I could maybe grow up and work with great characters like Captain America or so many other great characters back then. The only problem now is I don't recognize any of them anymore. So that version of the dream has kind of died. So now despite rejection letters from the finest comics, despite a lack of skills....none of that 'god given talent' around here folks just hard work, rough learning, and doing things over and over trying to get it right. And of course now because of the internet, digital printing, and things like that anyone can be a comics creator. Technology has at least helped a little with one old man's dreams.

....and sometimes dreams are all we have to hold on too.


  1. I still maintain that CAPTAIN SPECTRE is far better than anything Marvel or DC are doing right now.

    And, for the record, I think Tom Floyd is one helluva artist-writer!

  2. Thanks Martin, for always being in my corner. It is like a prize fight and I need all I can get in the corner to keep me on my feet.

  3. Tom,you are too rough on yourself!
    Your Captain Spectre comics are the best. If I didn't like your work, I would say so. I once, pre-internet, sent a postcard to a comic company, and told them they sucked, and I meant it!

  4. Color Captain Spectre look great! Might I smell a new T-shirt or poster here? I hope so! hang in there brother!

  5. thanks to all....you people are the best. And to all readers out there, I do the strip for you guys as much as I do it for me. Hopefully it keeps us all a bit more sane in a crazy world.