Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok I realize this was a suggestion by Martin Powell for me to try for the auction at the coming Fallcon show. But since he suggested it I couldn't get it out of my mind. Of course between Martin and I, I would hate to think of the number of viewings of Kong that we have. I probably put it in about once a week or two as I work. I watch alot of serials, horror, adventure, and of course Kong as I work. It helps with the snappy patter (the language), the background images, the sounds and all.
I rarely ever do full size roughs, and I should do them all the time....another suggestion make by a super artist that I met. I know there are some problems with placement on this one, but I do think the dinos tail, spine and all lead up to the action and Kong. The Fay Wray gal is just eye candy and fun, as she hides behind the rock ducking the dinos' tail. Although not an actual exact scene from the film, I was more after the spirit of the fight and I didn't want to draw the tree that traps Fay.
So anyway thanks to my good friend is the first ever drawing of Kong I ever did. Hopefully I will have time to flesh it out and lightbox it for a finished drawing in time for Fallcon.


  1. King Kong is one of my favorite movie! You really captured the spirit of the fight, and the best one in the movie. I can almost hear the jaw snapping on Rex! I look forward to more of Kong.

  2. I'll be superamalgamated! You did it, pal!

    Your KONG is sublime! I think this might call for a KONG portfolio from you!

    Amazing! Bravo! Encore!

  3. I'm a fan too of the original Kong, but you know, Jackson's remake wasn't too bad either for some of the landscapes, special effect, etc. Plus I'll admit, I enjoyed the Jeff Bridges/Jessica Lange 80's version as well. I just watched Might Joe Young recently, and although cheesy in some areas, heck, a fun escapist film.

    Yes, this is probably one of the climatic scenes from the original film that had many. As a kid I still remember when they first got to Skull island how scary some of the jungle roars and screaches freaked me out, and how a horrible dread came over me, I had nightmares for a week! :)