Friday, September 11, 2009

Promotional item for cons and site

One thing I was thinking of, since I haven't finished a real Captain Spectre comic yet, was to add a promotional item to either help with sales of the patches and coins at cons. Or to just give away a few now and then to interested people that stop by the con table and talk with me about the strip. I remember as a kid buying hundreds of these cheap balsa wood gliders and having a blast flying them. So I found a place on line to order them. I have to buy a ton of them, but I think maybe in the long run it may help out. Again especially since I don't have a real comic to sell yet. Which really makes me mad at myself. But I really do plan on fixing that problem. Anyway here are the fast wing designs I did tonight. I am not real happy with them but I am running out of time to get them produced before Fallcon. I just think it might be great seeing them flying around the con as advertising. You never know if this stuff really works til you try it I guess. So Legionnaires let me know what you think.


  1. My father used to get me those all the time, they're great... but if you can get the rubber band powered ones, you'll be my bestest friend ever.

  2. That is a cool idea! A nice radio premium for us fans.

  3. I dunno Tom, I think a girl in a leopard skin bikini, dancing in a cage with a Captain Spectre mask on would be better... maybe that's just me. But a balsa wood toy plane is a cool idea too!