Monday, January 11, 2010

Late Update!!!

Hey Loyal Legionnaires, I am posting this weeks strip a bit late. I didn't have internet access thru the weekend so I couldn't post until this evening. I do apologize. But now I am back up and posting the strip here, and at the regular site too. I almost got to post from work today but just got so busy I couldn't break away to post it here. But here it is Loyal Legionnaires. This week I am returning to the 'daily' format for a bit. The pages will be full size as the strip calls for it.
I am also experimenting with drawing at a larger size. More along the lines of the large Prince Valiant original sizes by Hal Foster. But a bit more on that as I figure out the sizes and the best format for doing that.


  1. If it will help, I just thought about checking out the new strip, tonight. It is better late than not at all.

    Another SHOCKING strip. Bad pun?

    As for the size, big is better, but, what ever works for you is fine with me. I'm just happy to get the strip, and being a Loyal Legionnaire.

  2. The strip looks great! Glad to see you're still alive, pal. Have you been getting my emails the past couple weeks?

  3. Late...?

    What's that?

    The work you do here and let us enjoy for free just because you can is well worth any wait.

    Besides, isn't patience part of being a Legionnaire?