Sunday, January 24, 2010

New update...

Well Loyal Legionnaires, and loyal readers...yet another update. As I mentioned before I am trying a larger working size. Boy does it ever help. I was never much for drawing small. And now that my eyesight is working through 57 year old eyes, it isn't easy working small. These panels were drawn in the old size of Caniff dailies. Maybe even just a tad bigger. These panels are 8 inches high. I think the old dailies were drawn at 7 inches. I may drop back to the 7 inch mark next time. As always doing this strip is a huge experiment for me. Writing, and drawing and inking can always be improved. So I try to each time. I hope the effort shows a bit. It sure helps with the backgrounds and staging to have more room to work with, and then I can still use my brush.
My truck is still in the shop, so I will be working from home on Monday also. I sure hope they don't just decide to fire me. Hell I get much more work done at home. None of that drive into work and home, I get up and get right to work. I think I proved myself working on the animated mammoths I did for NOVA. I will keep you informed.


  1. Those extra details certainly shine through. I love seeing your work on this new size.

  2. I like the larger size, I didn't have to put my glasses on.

    I just don't see how the Captain is going to get out of this, he's toast.
    Yea, Right!

    Is it the weekend yet? How does he escape?

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