Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Terror Hound from Planet X

I, of late, have been trying to design some creatures for various things. One mainly for the Captain Spectre strip. Don't worry he won't show up very soon. It is along way off. So I guess it really isn't a sneak peek. Just more of a development kind of thing. So I thought I would try a six legged type of creature. Creature design is an art unto itself. And I haven't ever done much of it. Guess I am better at robots and machinery and the like. I do need to work on my creatures more. So tonight I thought I would tackle one, mainly since I am not feeling up to par. But that is another story I don't plan to bore you with. Since hopefully you come here to see art, and take part in the process of creation - especially things to do with Captain Spectre. So without further ado - I present the Terror Hound of Planet X!!!


  1. Tom, now I will have nightmares!

    That is one mean looking beast. I can't wait to see how such a creature will fit in the Captain Spectre story line.

    You keep amazing me with your art!

  2. The Terror Hound is a fine creature indeed. I like what you are doing with the brush these days, all that hard work certainly shows.
    I see a strong mammalian influence in the Terror Hound, a crossbreed?
    The outcome of an experiment gone terribly wrong? Or perhaps terribly right?
    I'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, I'll enjoy Sam and Midnight as they begin their adventure with Captain Spectre.

  3. Good work on the anatomy and cross-hatching. It feels like it has a good sense of stability and depth.

    Planet X marks the spot!

  4. Holy Moley--!

    That's a terrific, terrifying creature, my friend. Something worth of Ray Harryhausen.


  5. Way cool Tom! Damn you and your
    super smooth inking style.