Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tarzan, for maybe a book mark to give away...

Well here is another Tarzan piece. Thanks to some great advice, I am trying some different things. I will have to wrap my mind around what I am trying to do. Well that doesn't make much sense, does it. I tend to rush things a bit. So one thing I have to do is slow down and think. I sometimes get in the 'I gotta get this done and move on' kind of thing. I should be trying to produce better pieces, not alot of so-so pieces. I need to try and plan things a bit better. But more on that later. Anyway here is an experimental piece. Maybe I will make a Tarzan bookmark from it or something.
I added some digital color to it too see if I could make it read better. I felt the black and white one was a bit confusing. Yet another thing I need to work on is my uses of black and white to separate the forms.
Anyway, guess you can't win them all.


  1. I like it lots. Particularly the color piece. It's a cool, moody view of Burroughs' Ape Man in a pensive moment before going into action.

    Great stuff.

  2. Thanks Martin....I do appreciate it alot.

  3. Do I have to make a choice? Color for comics, black & white for Pulp, I them both.
    Once again you captured the look and character of Tarzan.