Thursday, April 15, 2010

Batter Up Monkey Boy....

Some days you just want to hit something. Well, most days lately it seems. But this evening was fairly productive. I am working on the next illustration for the KiGor pulp story. After all you can't beat stone age weapon wielding mandrills for fun! I am having some trouble fitting all the action into this format that I like. I also have to consider the center fold of the book. I personally don't like the art going into the fold and never coming back out. So I am trying to keep the action on sides with the least important items in the center, or the fold. I have seen books where people don't pay much attention to that and it really drives me nuts. Especially when it is an art book, or a comic with those big double page spreads.
I am also hot at work writing the first full Captain Spectre issue. I had some good ideas floating around today while I was working at the day job stuff. Thank goodness they can't control my mind while I work, I am sure they have tried. I think it will be a fun story.


  1. One of the scientists is going to have to point out that the mandrill's are primates not monkeys...loved the line though!

  2. Socrates.....I was actually thinking that might be what the mandrills said to the humans......we are the monkey boys.....ha.

  3. Action has a new name...Tom Floyd!
    Awesome fight scene! A very good example of kill or be killed.

  4. Not to be picky, but my science background is stepping in for a moment.

    First off, monkeys ARE primates. Secondly, because of their large size, mandrills are often thought to be apes, but they are actually an Old World monkey.

    It's really a lot more complicated, but that is currently how zoology catalogs these creatures.