Thursday, April 8, 2010

Progress of the Jungle....

Progress, slow and steady progress, I hope wins the race. Well it isn't exactly a race until I go past the deadline. Whenever that is. But, I thought you Loyal Legionnaires...and I guess members of the KiGor Jungle Patrol, ha, would like to keep up on the progress of this KiGor pulp widevision story for Moonstone.
Here we have Helene 'stripping' down for jungle action. And of course the scientists on the safari she is leading are shocked and amazed at the freedom she prefers in the jungle.
At this stage I have the pencils in place and have started hacking away with my brush. Of course the scientists are all the stereotypical types.


  1. I am really enjoying the progress of the art for the KiGor book.

    Helene 'stripping' down for jungle action, be still my heart. I wish I was one of the scientist.LOL!

  2. Yowza! I begin to see the appeal of the jungle adventure story.

  3. Lisa said to tell you that even she blushed a bit when she gazed upon your Helene...

  4. Also, those stereo-typical scientists (as Tom and I know) do turn out somewhat more complex in the next KI-GOR adventure, which is our first comic book jungle story. For reasons that Tom understands only too well, it's difficult for me to portray scientists in a positive light these days. Perhaps I should read more DOC SAVAGE...?

  5. Thanks Lloyd, as always I do appreciate your enjoying my work.

    Socrates....yes I know what you mean, Jungle stories are appealing for adventure, and the primal things in life. ha.

    Martin...sorry to make Lisa blush, but I consider that a huge compliment!!!! Also I view the scientists of the 30's and 40's having MUCH more imagination than those of today's world. ha.