Friday, April 16, 2010

Some blasts from the past.....

Since I probably won't have anything new I will be able to show this weekend. I thought I would show a couple of blasts from the past. Back when I still painted on canvas and even in ink wash. The Lovers painting was for a study I did, the Joan of Arc was for Steve Jackson games I think, and the Tarzan piece was a study for the cover painting of the edition of Tarzan of the Apes I illustrated. These are from my totally outdated portfolio website.
I have a lettering job to knock out this weekend, plus this will be the first weekend of mowing season. I am sure the mowing will take the better part of a day to get done. After all I mow over 5 acres at a time. It usually takes about five hours to get it all done right. Less if I don't pay much attention. But I will try to at least let everyone know how it all went, and at least post some more older work that some of you might not have seen.
Thanks for understanding....


  1. Classic Tarzan. Nice Joan! And the lovers, is that Conan? If not I still like!

    Mowing, not my favorite of spring, good luck! Maybe, some goats or sheep, grass mowed, and meat for the table and maybe some milk. Just a thought.

  2. Whoo boy, nice older material. I like the lovers and the others are nice too. You have my sympathy for the mowing, five house, that's a lot of mowing there. I've been trying to get my house on the market and move to East Texas, Tyler. I'll have around seven acres to take care of out in the piney woods. I'll have a lot of trees, and trying to learn how to identify poison ivy and oak. But man, you can't be the change in landscapes. :)

  3. I meant five hours (not house), but I'm sure you get it, :0

    Plus being in Tyler, I'll be close to Dallas and a metro area, which will greatly improve things, plus being nearer to my brother.