Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rolling along ...

Well it has been some very late nights around the secret headquarters of the Lightning Legion. Well it is always a late night, since I don't sleep much....but I am usually reading or watching old movies very late at night....but lately I have been working very late. I have finished the first issue of the Phantom mini series lettering job, the day job stuff is finally starting to flow and get done, and tonight I snuck in some inking on the attack of the beast-men vs. Helene piece. Of course this is going to be cropped down so thought you would like to see the whole thing.
I also had a scanner computer just wouldn't see it anymore. I finally did something and it started working. Wish I knew what I did for the next time it quits on me.


  1. That is one action packed piece of art! I am cringing at the thought of where that ax blow will hit. I really like your attention to details in your work.

    I'm glad you are on a roll again, I was worried for you.