Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Comic day is coming.....

I promised some people I would show up for sketches on free comics day. So I did some prelim sketches to give out for free. Here is a Red Sonya I sketched out. I figured I would auction off a free sketch about every twenty minutes or so. So if you are in the Lincoln area and know where Trade-a-Tape is come on by. I have never made into town for a free comic day so this will be a new experience for me. I just felt that since I wasn't going to any cons this year I would help out around the local comic shop. Also other members of the Nebraska Comic Creators Assoc. will be there doing sketches and the like. Throw your name in the hat and hang around to win a free sketch. And get some free comics.


  1. I love your Red Sonya sketch! I enjoy seeing new art of any of Robert E. Howard's characters.

    I hope you enjoy your day at the comic shop! I wish I could be there.

  2. ...Oh Man! dang Tom,
    so nice...

  3. Hanging around comic shops brings back old memories. We still have an outlet here in Odessa, although it's a Hastings, but they do a good job on that front. Heck they always have a half off box full of comics... There's an official shop over in Midland, but run sloppily, so why waste the gas? My comic budget is pretty limited anyway...