Monday, April 5, 2010

Lots of business....

First of all let me thank all you voters again for taking part in the poll. Please don't feel left out if your choice didn't win. I plan to do all three of those stories, as I mentioned in the last post, and plan to do my best on all of them. So if you think you lost your choice....think of it this way by the time I get to the third one I will be a better writer, and a better artist....ha. I hope.
Also as you can see I have finished inking one of the Ki-gor pieces for Martin Powell's pulp story that will appear in a Moonstone book of pulp heroes.
So as I start on these pieces, I am starting to write the first Captain Spectre comic, also trying to squeeze in some time here and there to finish off Chapter 4, and also the Ki-gor comic story is looming in the near distance also.
I also have to start writing my speech to give to the Burroughs society when I get to Chicago later this summer. Jeff Long of the Burroughs Panthan group has a website covering the event so take a look here. It is going to be a good time. So if you are a Burroughs fan and in the area you should think about going. If for no other reason than to throw things at me as I try to speak in front of lots of people. I sure don't want to use the old trick of imagining them naked, since us Burroughs fans are getting a bit long in the tooth.....yikes.
And once again, if I don't thank you enough for looking in on the strip, and this sketchblog... consider yourself thanked once again.......I do appreciate it, and all the feedback.


  1. Tom,the finished Ki-gor piece is beautiful! Like I said before, you get better with every piece. If it is not, it would be perfect as the cover, or in the center of the book.

    With all you have to do, do you eat?

    Always your Loyal Legionnaire,

  2. Just another example that we think alike. I posted these two terrific illos, too.


  3. Tom, I agree with Lloyd and Martin. The finished piece is amazing. Please remind me, when and how can we see the book?

  4. Hey Tom,
    Well done. What a a crisp clean piece. The body language really tells a story, especially combined with the deep black jungle background in the right hand corner. But you already knew that.
    I am thinking you used both brush and pen on this piece, its looks great. Plus it has that classic Floyd landscape.

  5. Thanks everyone. I went back to the brush to do this one. I just couldn't get the feel I wanted on the computer. Love the brush.
    Nope Mousie, just brush, no pen work....and my dime store Magno glasses! ha.

    I and Martin will keep everyone informed as too when the book is coming out. No one actually knows yet. As I know I have at least nine more pieces to get done.
    So stay tuned to this channel for bulletins.